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Dear Friends,

Warm   Greetings   from   Share   and   Care Children’s Welfare Society

 I  take  great  pleasure  in  thanking  all  the Swedish teachers and students for arranging the exchange Programme to Sweden for our teachers  and  making the entire trip a great success. It was  very useful to our teachers and staffs here in  Katchur about their rich and valuable experience which was reflected in  their  fantastic  narration   made  to  our students and teachers.

The  School   reopened   and   children   are happy  to return to  school  to begin a new academic year. Once more I thank everyone. Steven




APRIL 14TH Tamil New Years day

Tamil New Year’s Day was celebrated by the Elders.  They attended special puja in the village temples and came to the day centre with new sarees.  It is also a very big festival and special food was served to them. The children in the home were given sweet porridge and some of the parents prepared good food and came to see their children in the Home.

The preparations for the New Year start very early on that day. You will find the entrances of the houses  decorated  with  kolams.  Raw  mangoes  and  neem  flowers  are  offered  to  Gods  and Goddesses which symbolizes  prosperity and growth. Tamils give a start to their year with an herbal bath. The game of coconut (popularly known as por -thenkai in Tamil Nadu) is played during the New Year.

Cart races are enjoyed equally on the eve of this day. This festive season is a great time for renewing familial bonds and establishing rapport with your near and dear ones. New Year marks a gala time for the natives of Tamil Nadu. The prime focus being on food, you will find women preparing lip smacking delicacies on New Year Eve. Maanga Pachadi (a dish prepared using neem flowers, raw mangoes and jaggery) is the patent food during this festival.

The elders and children went for a picnic to Poondi dam for the whole day. They had tomato rice, potatoes, egg, fruits and chips.


2.04.12: Students were prepared for the 10th exams 3months earlier. Hall tickets were given to them on 2-4-12.  Total numbers of students were 52 who attended the final exams, boys 31, a girl 21, the students was provided with the timetable that was scheduled from 4th April 2012 to 28th April 2012.

The results of the 10th standard came in June. Christ King School secured 82%.  The highest mark was  secured  by Manju 414 out of 500, Samba Siva secured 405 out of 500, K. Siva secured 389 out of 500.

28th April  was  the last working day at our school and most of the children went home to their families for their holidays. Two teachers Boobalan and Balasubramani who were working with us in Christ King High

School got their permanent Postings in June and left our School. 2nd June the School reopened new books and new uniforms were distributed to the students. 13-06-2012 Student elections were conducted to elect the Students representatives.



8-4-12 Easter Day was a grand day and children went to church. They ate chicken curry and sweets & savories.
The elders and children went for a picnic to Poondi dam for the whole day. They had tomato rice, potatoes, egg, fruits and chips. The Home children enjoyed the mangoes from the garden in June. Benefactors provided food on birthdays and occasions as usual. 8. 6. 2012. Sambath family, Bharath gas agency provided biriyani and sweets to all the children in Katchur for a family function. 17.06.2012: Satish family provided chicken curry and rice for the children in the home. And rice for the children in the home. 17.06.2012: Satish family from Katchur provided chicken curry and rice for the children in the home.



Narrated by Rambabu and Boopathy

I cannot forget my experience in Sweden because it is a memorable and green in my mind still. I cannot explain in words but each one should experience on their own.  Sweden is a beautiful country being the 3rd largest country in the European Union.  It is amazing to see the vast green pine forest at a stretch, sunlight in the night, beautiful environment. Cleanliness is next to godliness, people are the needles in the clock. Management of time is next to their door steps. I was touched by the  people following traffic rules diligently.    People in Sweden have equal access to health care services under a largely  decentralized, taxpayer-funded system. The aim is for children to have the same opportunities in life, regardless of gender. The interests and needs of children are key components of their education in the preschool curriculum. It

promotes greater knowledge, freedom of choice, and student safety and security.  Teaching profession is supporting professional development and thus increasing quality in education, It was very interesting to see a modern diary farm with modern equipments. A few companies have introduced computerized or robotic feeders, while some farmers have taken it upon themselves to build a low-cost structure. It was interesting to see the Paper factory - Robot handling it, etc.  It was one of the big factories in Europe. Jukka took us to a wonderful world we had an interesting trip in Ingers Palace we were thrilled by the hospitality. We saw Stockholm Parliament house and other important buildings. This is so memorable to me.

Every thing was so thrilling and new for us and it is an unforgetful experience. We thank all our friends who were so good  to us especially Ingrid, Lena, Gunnel, Inger, Bo, Jukka   Dr. Rolf, Agnita, Morgan, Elizabeth Garland, Christina, Lars, Ulf, Mathias and friends. On the whole Sweden is a friendly country. And very loving people live in there.


we reached  Sweden  on  6th,  people are very soft  spoken.    I learnt  many things  such as  time management, moving with people when comparing the railway station, shopping centre, diary farming. The paper factory was very clean and every thing was systematic.  Climate was splendid.  I was very relaxed and forgot myself. Every thing was new to me.  The schools were very different.  Teachers move very closely with students.   I was only smiling. Never in my life have I come across such an experience.I thank all the teachers for sponsoring us and giving us this Opportunity & wonderful experience.

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