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Dear Friends,

Warm greetings from Share and Care Children’s Welfare Society.

It is a great pleasure coming back to you with the three months news. Many things have happened to strengthen the development of the society.

In September Inger Marie and Annette arrived with their group of students.Their camp study included city visit, and field studies in villages in Thiruvallor District.  They visited places of interest such as Pulikot and the city of Chennai.  They had a pleasant stay at Katchur.  The teachers evaluated the programme every day and  ensured that their field studies were very successful with the help of the interpreter.

Josefin, Elisabet Golan & 15 Students arrived on 5th October from Global class in Norrkoping.  Their field studies were in the villages of Tiruvallor district.   They visited Mahapallipuram, Pulikot and Thirumala. They had wonderful study and evaluation every day.  They left Chennai on October 26th.  We wish them success in their study.

We thank Malcha and Thomas for their generosity in extending their help.  Especially we thank Thomas for his kind visit to Chennai which gave us great strength to carry on our work.

Fathima, a Coordinator in Share and Care who had worked in Share and Care for the past 10 years has left
Share and Care and gone to live with her brothers family.

Kalan our senior citizen and leader of the elder’s in Katchur passed away in September; we are very sorry to lose him.

Thanking you, Steven

News from the elders

We had an awareness Programme for a week. On the first day we had an advocacy Programme. Thiru. Barathi, District superintendent of police, gave us a talk on the protection of elders.  Elangovan, a Senior High court lawyer, gave a talk on legal measures that could be taken on the basis of elder’s rights. We had an Intergenerational Programme. Children participated in the various competitions like essay writing and drawing . The theme was “I remember my grand mother and grand father.”

On the 3rd day we had a rally; School students carried messages written on placards that insisted on reverence towards grandparents.  The local police,  the revenue inspector, counselor the village officer, the panchayat president and 128 elders were present.

On the 4th  day Prof. Amirtharaj spoke to the elders about the significance of fulfillment in personal life. The Christ King School children gave a grand performance.  A debate was conducted were woman from 6 different self help groups participated; the subject was” The attitude of to day’s children towards the elders”.100 elders were present for the meeting concluded with a good lunch.

On the 5th day, we had a health camp, a dental doctor and a medical doctor examined the elder’s and also a quiz programme for all the  groups of children’s and elders was conducted. A party game called musical chairs was also organized, the elders enjoyed the game; on that last day the whole Programme was ably concluded by Mr. Jayaraj.  On the last day of the celebration the NGOs working in the same field, taking care of the elders, were also invited to share their experience with us. The seed money that was allotted  by Help Age  to the elders self help groups was distributed to 13 groups; 298 elders were present to celebrate this function; a grand lunch was served to all the elders who were present

With great effort our counselor took the issue along with the recommendation to the Collector and submitted the old age pension forms of 3 elders; it is on the process.Our elders’ self help groups are functioning very well.  The members are very cooperative and running their petty business very well. These ventures are a big source of support in their life.

World   Elder’s   Day   Celebration   was   organized   by   Lions   Clubs International other welfare Organizations such as Share and care participated  in  the  celebration  Mrs.  Kothainayagi  and  Pushpa accompanied the 35 elders.  They were taken by 2 vans for that whole day programme.  The elders enjoyed the lunch, high tea, and gifts given by the Lion’s club.

17.07.12:    An Eye camp of was organised. 57 elders were screened; 7 elders had cataract surgery and 9 elders were given spectacles.

News from Christ King High School

Jacob Aalan Attended the state scientific exhibition in Coimbatore   accompanied   by the     High     School     teacher Rambabu.    Jacob  Aalan  won  the  2nd   prize  district award for this project.
Tmt Chandra book writer gave a lecture on Human Resources. She gave a simple talk on how today’s youth are facing life, the various exposures they are witnessing, and the future scenario within which they can be placed.


The students won the second prize for kho-kho  Zonal match. It  was conducted in Kizacheri; 2 staffs followed the children. The girls got the
1st  prize.  Zonal match was conducted in Thamirapakkam for boys.
12 boys participated in the Kabadi and won the 1st prize.



The Independence Day celebration was marked by the hoisting of the National Flag by the President of the Village of Katchur.  The student sung the national anthem and gave respect to the flag to support the power of the Nation.


Mariah was a volunteer from Spain.   She worked has an English teacher in Christ King Primary School in the month of August.  We thank her for the  wonderful  work.  She  contributed  so  much during her stay for the children of the Christ King Primary School.



2.7.12:          Health Inspectors visited the home from the District joint Health Directors Office. Checked the food, Kitchen, lavatory, Girls home, Store room, examined everything carefully; appreciated the work, gave instructions for improvement.

7.7.12:          Bhoomi NGO conducted a training of 6 collage students in drawing competition, essay writings. The training was to improve the children in the above areas and be fit to attend the competition that they were to conduct on 15.7.12.  They also gave the children water paints, colour pencils, rubber and pencils.  15.7.12:
15 students and 2 teachers from the home participated in the Bhoomi celebration.   Children took part in drawing and essay writing.  2 students won the prizes and others got the participation prizes. The children enjoy the full day programme. 15.7.12: Eye camp was conducted were the children had a complete checkup; 4 children were adviced to wear the spectacle; 4 children were found to have eye infection.

19.7.12:        Ravi subramanyam and his family from Perinjeri village gave a grand lunch for all the children as well as the staffs and   also for school children on his father’s death anniversary.   We thank him for is generosity.

15.8.12:        Mr. Srinivasalu Naidu from Sri Ramakuppam village donated 150 Kg rice for the Children’s home and Old age home.  Since it was the Independence Day the children and the elders were given a grand lunch and Mr. Srinivasalu promised to donate rice every year on Independence Day.

07.09.12:      Our lady’s feast celebration and procession took place and Katchur; the parish priest Felix and Prof father Amirtharaj  from Don Bosco,  celebrated the Mass and Hoisted the Mary’s flag.  It was a great moment; the children clapped hands, showered flowers, burst crackers’ and prayed to our Mother Mary.

8.9.12: The  birth  day  feast  of  Mother  Mary  was  followed  by  the  hostel  day.    Children  had  a  cultural programme, the Director gave a speech to the children and staff encouraged them to continue doing well in their school work and other areas of interest.  Cakes and sweet was served to the children and staff.  A grand lunch completed the feast.

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