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October 1-10-2010

Dear Friends,

Warm Greeting of the Season!

This News Letter gives you detailed news of the elders, children and the Christmas celebration that went on during these 3 months. At this moment, I thank God for His guidance and care in leading us through this year to achieve great success. Also I particularly thank all the staff members for their tireless work and cooperation.

I do feel very much indebted to all the donors: the private agencies, the Government agencies, socially- concerned individuals and all the well-wishes for their support and financial commitment.

Executive Secretary
World Elders’ Day Celebration

October 1-10-2010

World Elders’ day was celebrated in Kulchalambal Kalyana Mandapam. Help age India organized a grand function. All the Chennai partners of Help age attended the function. Our elders had a very nice get together. Our 36 elders from Manali and 2 staff members attended the celebration. Our elders met other elders of different organizations. They had a grand lunch and later also snacks together and enjoyed the whole day of programmes. The elders participated also in different competitions. It was a day of great fun for them.


World Elders’ Day Celebration in Thiruvallur

Our 45 elders from Katchur and nearby villages attended the World Elders` day celebration in Thiruvallur. 4 staffs accompanied them. Many elders from other organizations came to participate in the celebration. Social welfare board organized the Programme. 25 elders were honored for their age. Beds were given to the elders.15 Walking sticks were given to the elders. 4 elders received ear phones. The Programme was concluded with lunch. It was a grand Governmental Programme where the Minister himself handed over the gifts to the elders and also very much appreciated our elders for their dance Programme. There were a variety of programmes staged in which our elders took part enthusiastically.
October 27-10-2010 World Elders’ Day Celebration in Katchur
World elders’ day was celebrated in Katchur.  210 elders attended the celebration. A grand lunch was served and each elder received a gift with a cake and a banana. The Elders participated in the different competitions such as Kolam, Fancy dress competition, King and Queen and singing. Ms.K.Joseph Rotarian Managing Director of Maxi Cars was the chief guest. He gave away the prizes. Mr. Jeyaraj from Help Age handed over the prizes to the staff that are working for the Age care and appreciated them for their work.

Then we had 10 High School Students who came from 5 Schools from the surrounding villages. They participated in an interesting debate, representing different sides of the common debate in society with regard to elderly care. This debate went on very well.  The students gave well-informed talks about the present social status of the elders. The Judge was a school teacher from Uthukottai. He did well to balance the opposing views of both the groups and asserted in his final verdict that the elders are our precious treasures and they should be cherished till the end of their lives and be treated with great respect and honor.

October 9-10-2010
During the medical examination , the doctors of Chettinad Hospital Chennai examined the children in Christ King School and followed it up with other services like  Heart, Dental, Eye, ENT and Skin Care.

15.10.2010: Work shop on global sustainability development


From 13-10-2010 to 14-10-2010, a training Programme of two days duration was held. 2 teachers, Margaret and Jiggi from Christ King School attended the course on Teen Age problems and How to solve them.

October 4-10-2010: Ms. Lumina attended a one day seminar course on Junior Red Cross that was organized for all the Head Masters in the District. It was conducted in Thiruvallur at a government School.

October 15-10-2010


Eco Club organized a workshop on Global Sustainability development. 2 teachers Ms. Josephine and Ms. Elizabeth gave talks on this important subject. Mr. Alex, the secretary from Exmore International chaired the Programme.

October 17-10-2010

Green world project was opened by Ms. Josephine and Ms. Elizabeth, both teachers from Norrskoping.  All the students and teachers together planted trees.

An exhibition was organized by Christ King School on Global Sustainability Development.

October 17-10-2010     Picnic to MGM

A picnic was organized for the Home and Katchur village.  100 children and 4 teachers accompanied them to MGM a tourist centre near Mahabalipuram. The children enjoyed themselves.
October 19-10-2010 Eye camp in Manali
Eye camp was conducted in Manali.  70 elders attended the camp. 6 elders were selected for surgery.  6 of our elders regained their full vision after the surgery. We thank the Agarwal foundation for the eye surgery and after -care.
November 5-11-2010 Celebration of Deepavalli
Ms. Lucy, the Director for Fund-raising and Ms. Pushpa, the secretary accompanied the 15 children for celebrating Deepavalli in the home of artist Ms. Pooja. They burned fire-crackers; had a grand lunch with a variety of sweets. The children were very happy as they could not afford to celebrate Deepavalli at their own homes.

November 16-11-2010 Children’s Day celebration


Children’s Day is a day set aside to remember Pundit Nehru and his great love for children. As a tribute to this great man and his concern for the children, his birthday is celebrated all over India as ‘CHILDREN’S DAY’. Most schools have cultural programmes on this day, with the students themselves managing it all. All over the country, various cultural, social, and even corporate, institutions conduct competitions for children. Children's Day is a day for children to have fun and frolic. Schools celebrate this day by organizing cultural programmes. Teachers of the school perform songs and dances for their students. 

The children from Christ King School were given cakes and sweets during the children’s day celebration. Also competitions were conducted in writing, drawing and breaking the pot. Prizes were distributed. The children enjoyed this eventful day.
November 23-11-2010.  A Government meeting for all the Home Services
Non -Governmental organizations of the district attended a meeting regarding the Juvenile Act for the Homes. It was held in the District commissioner’s office. The Director of the Social Welfare Board organized the meeting. Ms. Lumina, the Principal of our School and Mr. Gopala Krishna, the Manager for programmes attended the meet.
December 3 -World Disabled Day

World Disabled Day is observed every year on 3rd December. Also known as “International Day of Persons with Disabilities”, the day aims to promote an awareness of the physically challenged persons and their Fundamental rights.

26th November: The Anbagam girls joined the competition along with other physically challenged girls and boys in Chennai, organized at KK Nagar government hospital. Our girls participated in different competitions like throw - ball, Rangoli, Kolam and singing and won 4 prizes. The Health minister gave away the prizes.
25th November Help Age International Director’s Visit
Ms .July, Help Age International Director for Funding, along with Ms. Edwin Babu, the Director –Programmes and Mr. Jeyaraj, the Programme coordinator visited Katchur and met with the elders. Ms. July visited the spokes- person of our elders, Kamala. She visited also Kamalama’s house and spoke to her grand children. She was pleased to meet in person the elders who are being reached out by their organization.
Christmas Programme celebrated in Anbagam Chennai and Arul Anbukkudil Katchur

Christmas celebration in Anbagam, our home for the physically challenged, Chennai was held on 21.12.2010. The girls gave several programmes. They sang Christmas songs and Father Abraham from Perambur Parish Church gave a beautiful message on how Jesus accompanies us in our lives. The girls and the staff were given Christmas gifts and all had a grand lunch.

Christmas celebration in Arul Anbukkudil was held on 20.12.2010. Our children had several programmes that day. They sang and danced and also staged a play in order to narrate the Christmas story. The parish priest from Uthukkottai conducted a memorable carol service in our home; they sang many Christmas hymns.  The children and staff enjoyed the Christmas dinner and the cakes. The staff and as well as the children were given Christmas gifts. The singers of the carol group were given a nice dinner.
Training Programme Elder’s Self Help Group and Opening of the Physiotherapy Centre

This training Programme for the elders was organized on 30.12.2010.

120 Elders attended the Programme.   Mr. Jayaraj, Help Age- Programme Coordinator conducted the Programme.  14 Self Help Groups participated in it.

New physiotherapy centre was opened on 30.12.2010 by Mr. Anbazhagan, the Director of Help Age for Tamil Nadu;  

Mrs. Poongodi, the physiotherapist attended the Programme and gave the first physiotherapy to Mrs. Lakshmi, one of our elders.
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