The target village is katchur for the proposed project which comes under Poondi Panchayat union. Poondi is one of Panchyat unions Tiruvellore district. Katchur village is situated in Tiruvellore high road, in uthukottai taluk and 60 km away from Chennai. We started working in katchur village since 1990. It is in the border of Andhra Pradesh. The people talk both Tamil and Telugu.Most of the people live below the poverty line with no proper housing, toilets proper drainage system and other amenities. The schools in this area are not furnished and other modern equipment, computers audio visuals provided to them. The children have no place to play no other recreational facilities and most of the women have not attended the school. The main occupation of this community is agriculture.
The most challenging programme that we undertook was releasing the bonded and semibonded people we brought them back to normal life. We provided alternative jobs in income generation programmes and admitted all the children who were denied education in our school and took care of all the aged people and fed them properly. The children are from 6 Panchayats and having 24 villages within radius of 12 Km. The children in our schools are from Katchur, Kalavai, velagapuram, Gunipalayam nelvoil, Pondavakkam, Sriramakuppam, Peruncherry, Dasakuppam, Karukanbakkam, VazhavandanKottai, Pennulurpet. On an average 1200 families in each Panchayat.

Key accomplishments (sector wise)

  • Since 1984 Educational help for 8000 students for their studie
  • Children home – 3000 orphan and destitute children
  • Women development -6500 women helped through women self group
  • Construction of Toilet in Fisherman villages
  • 200 Hut constructed
  • 3200 Cataract surgeries
  • 340 Correctional surgery for Physically challenged children

Current Projects

  • Elementary, middle school and high school education for abandoned, orphaned, destitute and impoverished children. Our services outreach 200 of children.
  • Emphasis to educate girl children from the tribal villages. Currently 30 of girl children attend our educational programs.
  • Day care services for the physically challenged children. 15 of children attend the day care centre.
  • Institutional care for orphaned children. There are 210 of children in the institution who receive free shelter, clothing, education and medical care for their needs.
  • Adult day care centres for seniors. Services include meals, clothing assistance, basic health care assistance and recreation. There are currently 117 of seniors who benefit from these services.
  • First Aid centre: Due to the rural localities, we run a first aid centre for immediate medical needs for the neighbouring towns. Our services span over 5 of villages and 6000 of population. Other medical services include free eye check up camps, health checks, dental check camps on a quarterly basis.
  • Disaster recovery assistance: The agency assists local residents and rural beneficiaries with basic needs during natural calamities such as hurricanes, fire, drought and flood related damages.
  • Income Generation programmes to promote self- reliance and economic independence amongst abandoned and single women in the impoverished communities.